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About Me


Humble Beginnings

It's been a journey of self discovery ever since I realized I had a deep passion for art in all forms. Art has literally saved my life-- more times than I can count. There is and always has been something powerful about picking up a pen or paintbrush, or an instrument and allowing that to be my weaponry of choice. 


Favorite Outlet?

People often ask what my favorite outlet is... I can honestly say I can't pick one at all. Each outlet serves such an equal purpose in my life. I lose track of time, I grow with each piece and I tell a story as well. I could never choose just one artistic outlet. I could tell a different story in a painting my writing. That's why I could never choose one over the other. It's all or nothing. 



The purpose behind all of my works-- is healing and growth. If neither one is achieved then I know-- the work is not finished yet. 

Skyy - Passion

Skyy - Tuff Luv

Skyy- She want me to...


Skyy- Forever And A Day

Skyy - Hideaway




The Sky is the limit!

"I asked Skyy to do a painting for my gf, gave her the theme I wanted and let her have at it. I am SO happy with what I was given. The characters were accurate, the colors popped and my gf was over the moon with the quality of the painting! Skyy has a wonderful messy/bright quality that I love with a lot of creativity that is well thought out, as well as pieces that are more “organized” in nature. Really, the sky is the limit for this chick. Give her creative freedom and you’ll get more than you knew you wanted.” - A.C.


Always up for a challenge!

"You ever challenged a friend to something new? And they come back with a product that completely blows you away? That's exactly what happened when I approached Skyy a couple of months ago! I asked her about doing some shoes for me she said to me that she had never done shoes for anyone except her gf one time -- so I told her I dared her-- she said challenged accepted!" - C.B.


She's the best!

"I saw Skyy in Vegas. Her set was about 20 minutes long. I figured she would probably rap but then in the middle of her set she started singing! I didn't expect that at all. Her voice, her stage presence, her energy; it was all infectious!" F.G.



Pancakes And Booze


Hook Hall


Pancakes And Booze


Hook Hall

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Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for performers for a variety show? Perhaps you want a host for a paint and sip? Send me a message about your plans, and I will get back to you soon!

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